Past Projects

We have been working in cooperation with our community partners in various community engagement initiatives, as well with a number of academic partners to pursue research-oriented projects. These are some of our more significant initiatives over the years.


The Safe Integration Project was developed prevent and respond to family violence within newcomer families coming from conflict zones. It focuses on identifying risk factors of family violence related to pre-migration stressors as well as cultural differences in the early stages of their arrival of these families to Canada. It was implemented in collaboration with […]


The Family Safety Program looks to ensure the safety of families in crisis situations. In working with local organizations like the London Police Service and Children’s Aid Society, we have been able to prevent family violence and significantly reduce the number of Muslim and Arab children in foster care. The Family Safety Program intervenes and […]


Chiefly funded by the Ontario Trillium Foundation, the Shared Journey Project (SJP) is the sharing of the experience of engagement between community and mainstream child protection services in London, Ontario to keep families safe and in their community. The purpose of the Shared Journey Project is the transfer of MRCSSI’s “culturally integrative model of child […]


As part of the Family Honour Project, Reclaim Honour is an engagement and awareness project funded by Status of Women Canada that works to promote honour and prevent violence against girls and women through the support of the community. What is Reclaim Honour? Reclaim Honour is a community engagement project shaped by young Muslim women […]


Launched in February 2012 amid national media attention and ahead of the verdict on the Shafia murder trial, the Family Honour Project seeks to provide families with honorable alternatives to addressing family conflict. Goal: To interrupt so-called “honor-related” violence in families who come from collectivist cultures within the London community and beyond by improving services […]

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide culturally integrative services that build capacity to help individuals, families and communities to overcome challenges, manage conflict and ensure safety and wellbeing.