As part of the Family Honour Project, Reclaim Honour is an engagement and awareness project funded by Status of Women Canada that works to promote honour and prevent violence against girls and women through the support of the community. What is Reclaim Honour? Reclaim Honour is a community engagement project shaped by young Muslim women and men to promote healthy dialogue, awareness and collaborative action on gender-based violence. Our Mission We work to promote honour and prevent violence against girls and women through the support of the community. Our Approach Reclaim Honour takes a youth participatory action approach to raise awareness and prevent gender-based violence. This approach is strength-based and rooted in community engagement. What does that mean?

  • Youth take the lead.This means this project is designed and implemented by youth.  We draw upon their knowledge, creativity and skills while investing in their leadership.
  • We create safe spaces to have “difficult” conversations. This means we hold safe spaces for sensitive conversations to be had, with a focus on identifying and challenging problematic thinking.
  • We find strength in our communities. This means we view our communities as capable, skilled, knowledgeable and filled with potential. We capitalize on community strengths to address existing challenges.
  • We work with multiple stakeholders.This means we bring together leaders and service providers from many sectors that all have the passion and capacity for positive social change.
  • Prevention before intervention. This means we believe that violence is constructed and thus can be prevented.

Our Activities What do we do?

  1. Workshops that engage young Muslim women and men, including creative arts-based strategies to help us enrich our understanding of gender-based violence
  2. Provoke constructive dialogue within the Muslim communities and the larger London community through facilitated community conversations­
  3. Raise awareness and promote a critical shift of ideology and discourse around notions of ‘honour’ and ‘honour-related’ violence through our campaigns
  4. Collaborate with other institutions and organizations with similar mandates to share and learn best practices surrounding community engagement
  5. Host workshops for service providers with the hopes of better equipping them with the resources needed to serve victims of gender-based and ‘honour-related’ violence

For more information, please visit This project has been funded through Status of Women Canada’s Women’s Program.