The Family Safety Program looks to ensure the safety of families in crisis situations. In working with local organizations like the London Police Service and Children’s Aid Society, we have been able to prevent family violence and significantly reduce the number of Muslim and Arab children in foster care.

The Family Safety Program intervenes and engages if a risk of violence is present or if an episode of violence has occurred. The main goal of the program is to ensure the safety of women and children at risk of violence while engaging the family and the community of origin.

Our services have been able to prevent so-called ‘honour-related’ violence, especially in situations where the child is pulled between the cultures and beliefs of their homeland and those of Canada. In many of these situations, parents’ attempts to exert control over their children causes them to leave or even flee from the family home.

We have trained CAS-approved Muslim families in the London-Middlesex area to provide homes for children should they not be able to remain with their families. The children can remain connected with their community in this way.