Evidence Informed Programs

Evidence Informed programs (EIP) are programs run by conducting research in relevant fields and putting together a comprehensive program to tackle the issue at hand that needs attention. Below are some of our EIP

Caring Dads

  • Caring Dads is a group intervention program for men who are struggling with their children, at risk of being abusive or have abused, neglected, or exposed their children to domestic violence
  • 17- week program, culturally adapted to be offered in Arabic for the first time
  • The Caring Dads curriculum works with fathers to increase fathers’ awareness and help fathers improve their parenting skills to become more child-focused. It also helps them improve their relationship and their communication with their children and spouses

Caring Dads is an evidence-based program intended to help fathers improve their parenting skills to become more child focused. It also helps fathers improve their relationship and their communication with their children and partners.  For the first time, Caring Dads have been culturally adapted to be offered in the Arabic language. This program is being run in collaboration with Changing Ways and is funded by Islamic Relief Canada.

Strengthening Families Program

MRCSSI delivers a culturally adapted version of the Strengthening Families Program in Arabic to newcomer families from conflict zone areas.


Strengthening Families Program is a 14-week skill development program, for children and aged 6 to 17 and their families, to attend together. Each week, families attend the program at the Boys’ and Girls’ Club for 3 hours. A meal, childminding for children under 6, and assistance with transportation are provided.

The Strengthening Families Program is an evidence-based, family skills development program that has been found to significantly improve family relationships, decrease youth substance use, and improve school competencies. It is internationally recognized as one of the top-rated family programs for all families.


SFP consists of parenting skills, children’s life skills, and family skills training courses taught together in fourteen 2-hours group sessions preceded by a meal that includes informal family practice time and group leader coaching. SFP was designed in 14 sessions to assure sufficient dosage to promote behaviour change in high-risk families.

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  • Free meals
  • Child Minding
  • Subsidized transportation
  • Certificates and Gifts upon completion of the program

Current status of the program

In the period from January 2017 to March 2019, SFP has been delivered to 289 individuals from 54 families ( 11 families were from the Yazidi community) 89 parents and 149 children in the age group from 6-17 completed the 14-week program and 67 were in Childminding.

6 Cohorts

54 Families

89 Parents

149 Children

67 Childminding

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In order to register for the program, families must have at least one child between the ages of 6 and 17, be willing to complete an anonymous survey after the program, and be experiencing one or more of the following criteria:

  • Family Conflict

  • Family Violence

  • Parent-Child Conflict

  • Children Delinquent Behaviour

  • Negative Peer Pressure

  • Low Academic Performance

  • Integration challenges


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For referral or registration information, or to request a presentation at your organization, please contact:

Nicola – Maritza Coombs
Project Administrative Assistant
Ph: 519-672-6000 ext 317
Email: ncoombs@mrcssi.com
Sahar Atalla
Program Manager
Ph: 519-672-6000 ext 306
Email: satalla@mrcssi.com