Public Education

Public Education and Community Programs

MRCSSI develops and leads initiatives that address gender-based violence (GBV) and family violence. We address and respond to GBV and family violence using strategies of community-based education and prevention, community leadership and capacity building.


Our work addressing GBV and family violence is grounded within a framework of intersectional feminism, anti-oppression, and anti-racism. Gender-based violence (GBV) and family violence include many experiences and impacts many identities. Evidence shows that girls and women experience greater violence. We recognize, too, that gender includes a broad range of identities and that gender intersects with race, class, age, ability, sexual orientation, faith, ethnicity, heritage, culture, language and immigration status, as well as other social identities and factors.


Gender-based violence (GBV) and family violence affect all communities, including all faith, cultural, and racial communities. It is a global issue. GBV and family violence can take many forms, including physical, emotional, verbal, financial, sexual and spiritual. Social identities, relationships, culture, and social contexts influence how violence is experienced and understood, as well as access to support and safety.


MRCSSI addresses GBV and family violence using an approach that is culturally meaningful and integrative. MRCSSI’s work to address GBV and family violence in our communities entails:


Community Education


MRCSSI increases awareness and understanding of GBV and family violence, and promotes healthy and equal relationships, through the development of educational materials, the creation and implementation of community campaigns, community conversations and workshops, and programs.


Community Leadership


MRCSSI facilitates leadership opportunities for members of the community – girls and women, men and boys – to take action on addressing GBV and all forms of violence.


Capacity Building


MRCSSI works to strengthen the capacities of community institutions and social service agencies to address and respond to GBV and family violence, provide culturally safe services and supports, and create safety for girls and women.



It’s On Us

A community-based education initiative dedicated to addressing GBV. This project is part of the Neighbours Friends and Families Immigrant and Refugee Communities campaign funded by the Ministry Children, Community and Social Services.


It’s On Us activities include an awareness campaign, a Friday sermon series for Imams to address GBV and family violence and promote healthy relationships, community conversations, and creating opportunities for community members to take action.


You can read more about It’s On Us.

Creating a Safe Environment for Muslim Women and Girls

Funded by Status of Women Canada. This project is dedicated to strengthening capacities to address and respond to GBV and support safety for women and girls. This project entails the development of training curricula, training community champions and working with Muslim community institutions and leadership.


Through this project, MRCSSI strives to empower collective responsibility and strengthen capacities within Muslim communities and institutions to address GBV and support the safety of girls and women.


Our Mission

Our mission is to provide culturally integrative services that build capacity to help individuals, families and communities to overcome challenges, manage conflict and ensure safety and wellbeing.