Research provides us with information and data that help to identify a problem and design and test specific solutions to try to address the problem. Some of our ongoing research initiatives are described below.

Aging Well: Partnering to optimize social network and support for older immigrants in Ontario

A three-year, multi-site project funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC). This project looks at both informal networks and formal social services available to older adult immigrants in four cities across Ontario (London, Toronto, Ottawa, and Waterloo), which are selected on the grounds of their size and immigrant populations. The targeted populations […]

Emerging Voices: How Syrian Newcomers and Other Key Stakeholders Perceive Canada’s Three Sponsorship Programs for Refugee (Re)settlement Consent Agreement – Syrian newcomers

This research study was a one-year, multi-site project, funded by Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC). The study aimed to look at how to understand and improve the three programs- Government Assisted Refugee, Blended Visa, and Privately Sponsored- under which refugees are resettled in Canada. This was achieved by collecting data from Syrian refugees […]

Faith and Settlement Partnership: Setting Canada and Newcomers Up for Success

The purpose of this two-year (2016-2018) Social Science and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) funded project is to collaboratively study partnerships among faith-based and government-funded settlement organizations in Ontario, and to determine how these partnerships can better lead to positive settlement outcomes for newcomers, and ultimately benefit Canadian society. This project is being led by the […]

The Canadian Domestic Homicide Prevention Initiative with Vulnerable Populations

The Canadian Domestic Homicide Prevention Initiative with Vulnerable Populations (CDHPIVP) is a five-year project (2015-2020) funded by the Social Sciences Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) to conduct research on domestic homicides in Canada; to identify protocols and strategies that will reduce risk and increases safety; and to share this knowledge with the wider community. The CDHPIVP […]

Pre-and-Post Migration Stressors and Marital Relations Among Arab Refugee Families in Canada

An international research collaboration in partnership with Doha International Family Institute (DIFI), University of Guelph, and the University of Calgary. The project assessed the impact of pre-and-post migration on marital relations and family dynamics among Arab refugee families; and, examined the role of professional service providers in supporting these Arab refugee families. Refugees’ pre-migration stressors […]

Publication: Enhancing Culturally Integrative Family Safety Response in Muslim Communities

By: Mohammed Baobaid, Lynda M. Ashbourne ABOUT THE BOOK This informative new volume presents the Culturally Integrative Family Safety Response (CIFSR) model that is currently being used by the Muslim Resource Centre for Social Support and Integration (MRCSSI) in London, Ontario. Created to support immigrant and newcomer families from collectivist backgrounds struggling with issues related […]

A Safe Path of Integration for Syrian Refugees: Examining Social Integration and Collaborative Services/Supports for Families at Risk of Family Violence

Dr. Lynda M. Ashbourne, PhD, RP, RMFT of University of Guelph – Targeted Research Syrian Refugees This research project makes timely use of an opportunity to collect data alongside a currently operating program supporting social integration and family safety for Syrian refugee families. It provides an opportunity to formalize measures and begin tracking processes (family […]

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide culturally integrative services that build capacity to help individuals, families and communities to overcome challenges, manage conflict and ensure safety and wellbeing.