it’s on us

it’s on us is a community-based campaign funded by Neighbourhood, Friends, and Family that promotes an understanding of gender-based violence (GBV) and provides strategies to support the safety of women and girls within immigrant and refugee communities across Ontario. Grounded in a culturally integrative approach, faith and culture are engaged as assets in the messaging of equal and healthy gendered expectations and relationships in order to challenge dominant norms that lead to violence.


it’s on us is a community-based education initiative that includes the development and dissemination of an awareness campaign and materials, interactive community conversations, Forum Theatre, and peer champion based programming for youth and women to co-create and lead strategies in the community to build knowledge, foster leadership and empower collective responsibility.


it’s on us creates opportunities for women and men, parents and children, community members and leaders to play a role in addressing GBV.


it’s on us supports the safety of girls and women.


it’s on us takes action to end GBV.


it’s on us all of us.