Each year, we provide direct counselling and social support services to just under 150 families and touch the lives of around 500 individuals, who are struggling with stressors and challenges that impact their wellbeing and safety.

  • Ensure safety for women and children.
  • Interrupt and de- escalate family violence.
  • Support and engage all members of the family including extended family.
  • Provide critical support for families involved with child protection services and the family violence sector.

In addition, our culturally-adapted intervention-based programs such as the highly successful Strengthening Families and Caring Dads programs, along with our various public education workshops, cater to almost 400 unique clients and participants each year.


Public education on gender-based violence (GBV) and abuse, and anti-racism and anti-oppression initiatives are a big part of what we do at MRCSSI. With over 650 posts in 2020 on Instagram and Twitter alone, and over 1500 followers, MRCSSI is also using social media to make an impact.